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Evolution PRO Excel ™ 3 10 years $45
Evolution PRO Essential ™ 2 8 years $30
Evolution PRO Compact ™ 1 5 years $15
Evolution PRO Cover Control ™ 2 9 years $30
Evolution Septic Assist ™ 2 6 years $30
Stainless Steel Tank* with Filtration System for Series 1100 Instant Hot Water Dispensers ™ 2 5 years $30



http://www.insinkerator.com/product/images/dot_grey.gifEvolution Excel™


The incomparable Evolution Excel™ is as stylish as it is capable, taking the art and science of food waste disposal to a new level. It handles more volume, more foods, and more challenges than anything that preceded it while cutting noise levels by at least 60% over standard disposers. Its three-stage grind technology allows you to grind almost any food waste.

http://www.insinkerator.com/product/images/dot_orange.gifEvolution Essential™


The model that fits the widest range of customer needs, Evolution Essential™ features MultiGrind™ to grind everything from celery to potato peels, and SoundSeal™ technology for quiet performance.

http://www.insinkerator.com/product/images/dot_blue.gifEvolution Compact™


The space-saving Evolution Compact™ includes two grind stages and is 40% quieter than a standard disposer. Its perfect for small households or restricted cabinet space.

http://www.insinkerator.com/product/images/dot_yellow.gifEvolution Cover Control™


The Evolution Cover Control™ delivers all the great features that set the Evolution Series™ apart, plus an extra margin of assurance. Activated by the magnetic CoverStart™ Switch, it runs only when the cover is on.

http://www.insinkerator.com/product/images/dot_green.gifEvolution Septic Assist™



Designed specifically for septic systems, the Evolution Septic Assist™ features Bio-Charge®, an automatic injection of microorganisms to help break down food waste.