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Air Purification
Here at Winch we are constantly upgrading our air purification knowledge by attending
seminars and classes to provide you with confidence the latest air purification technology.

With a solid 40-year history in providing clean air solutions, IQAir has the experience, resources and commitment to produce air cleaning devices of the highest caliber. Hospitals, laboratories and medical device manufacturers around the world rely on IQAir advanced air cleaners to maintain the exacting standards required in these critical environments.
While a significant business focus remains on medical and commercial sectors, IQAir recognizes the need for high-performance air cleaners for homes and offices.

With the introduction of the IQAir Personal Health series of air cleaners, IQAir has finally brought high-performance air cleaning to homes and offices.

IQAir uses the same uncompromising approach to air cleaning, whether our air cleaners are used in a hospital, laboratory or in your personal residence or workspace.

IQAir systems bridge the gap between conventional room air purifiers and large commercial air cleaning systems. While maintaining the size of room air cleaners, IQAir systems offer superior air cleaning performance due to the uncompromising implementation of state-of-the-art air cleaning technology.

IQAir systems' modular design allows for a range of specialized models and configurations which provide users with customized and targeted air cleaning solutions. IQAir systems are customized tools in the fight against indoor air pollutants.

IQAir is the best choice for those who expect maximum performance from their air cleaner, whether it's for allergen or odor control in a home or biological contaminant control in a hospital.


Allergy & Asthma Individuals sensitized to airborne allergens such as pollen, mold spores, cat or dog dander, house dust mite excrements can reduce their indoor exposure to these allergens by use of a high-efficiency air cleaner. The IQAir Personal Health Series' advanced performance and features make it the first choice for individuals looking for serious allergen control.

MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) Air cleaners for MCS sufferers need to be able to control a wide range of chemicals and not themselves be a source of chemical contamination. IQAir has with the GC series and GCX series two product lines which meet these and other MCS requirements.

Tobacco Smoke The removal of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is a challenge for any air cleaning device due to the complex nature of ETS and the high rate of generation in rooms with multiple smokers. The IQAir MultiGas GC is one of the world's most effective air cleaners for dealing with ETS in small to medium-sized indoor environments.

Dental Offices The dental workplace exposes dentists, staff and patients to a wide variety of air pollutants during routine dental work. The IQAir Dental Series was specifically developed to provide a flexible, effective and affordable air cleaning solution for dental offices.

Hospitals The improvement of air quality in health-care settings is a vital constituent of modern airborne hygiene procedures. It is also of importance with regard to occupational health and safety requirements in medical institutions. But, improved air quality not only helps to provide a healthier and more pleasant environment for patients, staff and visitors, it also makes economic sense due to its relevance as a preventative infection control measure.

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